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Use CDC's API to improve your submission

Applicants -
Take advantage of CDC's API in your submission. With the four feeds presented in the required datasets you can access an abundance of credible health data via the API, and mash up various feeds to enhance your solution. You can read more about the API on the CDC website.
Good Luck!

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    Hello all,
    We've had several questions regarding the Content Syndication API and the differences between some of the required data sets.  While not an exhaustive answer, I would like to point out a couple of facts about the RSS Feed of CDC Influenza pages through syndication.
    The RSS Feed of Influenza Updates is an RSS feed that may point to updated HTML pages, new podcasts or video files, or any number of new or updated items.
    The RSS Feed of Influenza pages through syndication is a content syndication rich RSS feed that points to HTML pages that are made available through the syndication API, as documented at  So what’s not so obvious is this:  The XML that is returned in this feed structure contains both a Persistent URL and a Catalog ID.  So then a developer can look for either the CatalogItem node, and get the Id value and then pull the content back in a format that is ready to display inside their application:  Eg, in the XML below the CatalogItem Id is 26267.  So a call to or could be used to deliver just the content area of that page into their application.  (The difference between those two URLs is whether or not to wrap the results in JavaScript document.write statements.  Alternately the link node shows the permanent URL (eg which can be similarly used as or   All aspects of the API are described at 
    This way, application developers can deliver the CDC content inside their app and not have to open a browser window allowing content to be integrated more seamlessly into their application and presentation.
        <title type="text">Influenza and Antiviral Drugs</title>
        <summary type="text"></summary>
        <link rel="alternate" href="" />
        <link href="" />
        <content type="application/xml">
          <CatalogItems xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns="">
            <CatalogSource Acronym="CDC" OrganizationName="Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" />
            <CatalogItem Id="26267" CatalogUrl=";fmt=atom" AddedDateTime="2011-04-26T15:44:22Z" ModifiedDateTime="2011-05-02T18:21:42Z">
              <ContentItem xmlns:content="" TargetUrl="" ContentType="text/xml" CreatedDateTime="2011-05-09T14:53:13Z" ModifiedDateTime="2011-05-09T14:53:13Z" PersistentUrl="" Title="Influenza and Antiviral Drugs" GUID="822a779e-a2c2-44ab-a9ad-eea26610ce35">
                <content:SelectionSpec ClassList="" ElementList="" />
                <content:Language Value="eng" Scheme="ISO 639-2" />
                <content:Source Acronym="CDC" OrganizationName="Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" />
                <content:Topics Scheme="CDC">
                  <content:Topic TopicId="26812" TopicName="Data &amp; Statistics" />
                  <content:Topic TopicId="26829" TopicName="Influenza (Flu)" />
                  <content:Topic TopicId="26999" TopicName="Antiviral Drugs" />
                  <content:Topic TopicId="26816" TopicName="CDC Features" />

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