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Possible paramieters in podcast URL


Currently I am focusing on podcast.
I can see that podcast URL taking parameter "topic" with value "flu".
Please tell me, where I can found which parameters supports podcasts URL?

I am looking for parameter "fromdate".

Podcast URL: http://www2c.cdc.gov/podcasts/searchandcreaterss.asp?topic=flu

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    Good morning Ramunas,
    The current version of the searchandcreaterss.asp page takes the following parameters:

    Querystring Parameter Name




    Record Type

    Can be one of the following values:

    a – audio
    v – video
    t – transcript
    c – captioned video
    p – PowerPoint
    f – PDF

    The default value is “a” if not specified.


    Topic Search Parameter

    Supports a text-based match of the topics associated with Podcasts (i.e., an “in string” match).  Does not support multiple value matching.


    Title Search Parameter

    Supports a text-based match of the title of Podcasts (i.e., an “in string” match).


    Comparison Operator

    Can be either “AND” or “OR” (case insensitive).  The default is “AND”.  This parameter is used only with the title and topic parameter values (i.e., does not affect the transcript parameter).


    Transcript Search Parameter

    If this parameter has a value it takes precedence over the topic, title, and operator values (i.e., they are ignored).  You can either search based on the transcripts or based on the topic and/or title, but you cannot search based on both.

     There is no support for any sort of date qualifier and/or max number of rows.

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    Thanks for good answer. I am happy that video parameter is implemented.

    Using parameter 't' with value 'f' (PDF) returns only audio. No URL to PDF documents.
    With value 't' (transcription) returns urls for PDF documents, but these documents are not accessible.

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    I discovered there are actually a couple different ways to access podcast data.
    PREFIX: http://www2c.cdc.gov/podcasts/

    searchandcreaterss.asp (for getting rss data)
    downloader/download.mp3?af=a&f=xxxxx  (direct link to audio file. f = identifier of podcast)
    player.asp?f=xxxxx#transcript (direct link to podcast page, skip to transcript)
    download.asp?af=t&f=xxxxx (this is a direct link to transcript .PDF)

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