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app DISCLAIMER question

One more question about the disclaimer. The rules state that the application "shall be incorporated into the software in such a way that individuals must read and accept its conditions before initial use." My question is when does this requirement need to be in effect? Must my app comply with this requirement upon submission? Or only once it is ultimately deployed for use by the general public?
I ask because a number of apps that have already been submitted don't seem to have the disclaimer. I'd be happy to include it but if its not necessary at this stage, I'd rather leave it (AND ITS YELLING TONE) out until it is truly needed.
Thanks for the help! 


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    Pretty sure you must protect yourself and CDC from Lawyer cases :)

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    Good question! I went ahead and added it to my application just to be on the safe side. But I agree with your all-caps yelling tone sentiment. SO. NOT. NECESSARY. I think people are actually less likely to read it when the words are presented without any of their lower-case brethren! :)

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    It is strongly preferred to already have the language included in your app submission. Thanks!

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