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over 8 years ago

How to Win the Cash Prize?

You’ve got 13 more days to enter your app into the CDC Flu App Challenge for a chance to win up to $35K in cash prizes. As you finalize your submission, remember that the goal of your app is to raise awareness of influenza and/or educate consumers on ways to prevent and treat the flu. How you communicate either of those messages in your solution is one of the judging criteria that will be used to determine whether your app is a winning one, or a losing one.

When judges sit down to review the submissions on May 28, one of the questions that they will ask about your entry is, “does the software apply best practices for health and risk communication?”

What is health and risk communication? CDC and the National Cancer Institute define it as:

The study and use of communication strategies to inform and influence individual decisions that enhance health.

To get a better understanding of what are considered the "best practices for health and risk communication", we recommend that you check out Health Communications Basics on The site section offers an overview on the discipline, and also includes a How do I do it? section that will walk you through applying the health communication principles into your product.  

As you review your app in the final weeks of the submission period, ask yourself if there are better ways to communicate the health messages demonstrated that can more effectively change people's attitudes, and/or behaviors to improve health outcomes. Making that change could mean the difference between $15K and the big donut.